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Nemeth Bonnette Brouwer has veteran trial attorneys on staff with an impressive track record of success in traditional jury trials, bench trials, and private arbitrations. At Nemeth Bonnette Brouwer, we believe every case has a story to tell.

We approach a case by establishing a theme. As the case progresses, various developments, such as fact disclosure and witness testimony, may transform that theme and how it is ultimately presented to a jury.

Throughout the litigation process, our attorneys re-evaluate the case as circumstances dictate to ensure we have an accurate view of how new evidence or arguments are impacting the case. This helps us track how changes up to and during trial will impact costs and outcomes and guides our strategy at each step as the case moves forward.

Employers trust Nemeth Bonnette Brouwer’s reputation for always putting client interests front and center.

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Woman-owned and led, Nemeth Bonnette Brouwer has exclusively represented management in the prevention, resolution, and litigation of labor and employment disputes for more than 30 years.

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