Our Approach

If we had to choose one word to describe Nemeth Law’s approach to client service in the labor and employment field, it would be collaborative. When clients engage with Nemeth Law, they gain a collaborative partner, a collective team of labor and employment experts devoted to preventing, resolving and litigating employment disputes.

Given the decades of employment experience that many of our attorneys possess, Nemeth Law offers clients unparalleled knowledge of labor and employment law. Further, given our diverse private and public sector employer experience, we know what works in one industry may be disastrous in another. Equally important, we respect our clients’ right to be guided by their own business approach and philosophy when it comes to employment matters and their individual work environment. We collaborate with our clients to create and implement workplace policies and practices that complement their particular workplace yet are legally sound.

Internally, Nemeth Law boasts a synergy among our attorneys and support staff that is difficult to cultivate in corporate law firms with disparate practices and multiple locations. One of the reasons for our success is that we remove the potential for internal conflicts and competition by adopting a “firm client” approach rather than an individual “attorney client”. We have found this collaborative effort leads to optimal client service and sustains a hardworking team that is persistent and responsive in meeting the needs of all of our clients.