Act 312

The tide is turning with Act 312 arbitration. Deemed a friend of public unions when economic prosperity abounded, employees now often fear Act 312 arbitration will result in union concessions to cash-strapped cities and municipalities. At the same time, public employers are increasingly looking to Act 312 as a means to relieve the economic burdens of union contracts they can no longer afford.

Nemeth Law, P.C. partners with public employers to move the Act 312 arbitration process along, keeping the financial goals of the employer in mind to achieve favorable terms and conditions in areas such as pension costs, wages and health care contributions and coverage.

Working on behalf of public employers and with the mediator, Nemeth Law aims to reach an agreement on the contract in the fact finding process in order to avoid arbitration when not in the employer’s best interest. When Act 312 arbitration is required, we represent the employer at arbitration and help them determine and present their last best offer prior to engaging in the arbitral process. Nemeth Law also presents evidence on the employer’s behalf to support the proposed terms for inclusion into the Collective Bargaining Agreement.