Mediation Services

Mediation is a process by which individuals voluntarily submit their dispute to a mediator for resolution. The mediator is specifically trained to handle and resolve conflicts and disputes in all civil matters and works with participants to find a resolution for their particular issue. Select Nemeth Law, P.C. attorneys regularly serve as mediators to help individuals reach a resolution.

Although there are times when litigation cannot be prevented, there are points during the litigation process when the parties involved can attempt to resolve their differences through mediation. Mediation can also be employed prior to the commencement of litigation if the individuals seek an alternative dispute option. Whatever the stage of the dispute, mediation services provided by Nemeth Law can mean a more amicable, lower cost resolution for the individuals involved.

In addition to employment matters, Nemeth Law provides mediation services to individuals, companies, and organizations to assist them in reaching resolutions to all civil disputes.  Please contact Patricia Nemeth for further information.