Nemeth Law creates educational training solutions tailored to an employer's specific needs and workplace environment.  From top management to first level supervisors, we collaborate with employers to develop well-informed supervisory staff who not only respond appropriately to current situations but use their acquired knowledge to prevent or avoid negative workplace issues.

Nemeth Law Human Resource Training Programs for Employers include:

  • Accommodation and other ADA compliance issues
  • Avoiding discrimination claims
  • Avoiding sexual and other harassment claims
  • Compliance with wage and hour laws
  • Diversity training
  • Employee privacy issues including email and social media
  • Employment Law updates
  • Employment policy and procedure compliance
  • FMLA procedures and compliance issues
  • How to work with the union
  • Do’s and don’ts during union organizing
  • How to remain union free
  • How to respond to union grievances
  • How to conduct investigations
  • Identity theft and protection of company data
  • Identifying and dealing with workplace violence issues
  • Internet and social media usage
  • Notices and posting requirements
  • Proper ways to hire, discipline and fire to avoid liability
  • Responding to inquiries from the EEOC or other administrative agencies on compliance issues